Frater — Anatomy Of A Perfume

All of our perfumes are formulated by Jamie Frater and made in Wellington. The raw materials, such as essential oils and synthetics, are imported from specialist suppliers in Europe. All conditioning and macerating, bottling, resting and packaging takes place in Wellington.

The Bottle

Our luxury glass bottles are produced by Zignago Vetro Brosse (founded in 1892) in France. They were chosen for their smooth lines, elegant curves and heavy weight. Every bottle is polished by hand three times to ensure a gem-like finish.

The Spray

All of our vaporisateur sprays are custom made in Italy for Frater Perfumes. The natural spray emits a precisely dosed fine mist of perfume to ensure even and consistent wear. The pumps also feature a cutting edge invisible dip mechanism, an elegant detail which enhances the appearance of our perfumes due to the completely invisible tube inside the bottle.

The Packaging

All of our product packaging, from the box that holds our treasured scents to the gift cards and stationary are all produced using exquisite paper and card produced in Scotland by Arjo Wiggins since 1761.

Our boxes are printed and foiled by gold medal winning family owned and operated Laserfoil in Auckland, a company that has a love of print equal to our love of fragrance.

Our staff in Wellington produce and pack all of our perfumes by hand.

Luxurious Gift Giving

We use the very finest marble paper to wrap all perfumes sold as gifts. Every piece of wrapping paper is unique, being hand made in Florence with a method in use since the 1600s. Matching velvet ribbon is made in Switzerland and is unsurpased in quality.

The Logo

The Frater logo is a modern coat of arms in which a pineapple with seven leaves (which represent the Frater family) stands in the place of an escutcheon with bees as supporters (symbols of hard work and prosperity). An undivided field contains a triple 'F', standing for Frater and representing the Trinity.

Our motto (not visible in the logo) is “Patrocinio Sancti Ioseph suffulti”, indicating the patronage of St Joseph.