How To Perfume Your Wedding

 When planning a wedding, it is not just the things you see which matter. This guide will give you some insights in to ways you can use Frater perfumes to enhance and elevate your special day. 



For a special touch, pair one of our fragrances with the bridegroom's buttonhole. For example, if you are marrying in summer, he might like a single elegant gardenia bloom, which would be perfectly paired with Coucou, a luxurious floral scent based around gardenia, exotic fruit, and sultry woods.

You can also pair your wedding scent to the season.  Late summer and early autumn are the most popular seasons to marry but we have perfumes for every occasion.

Seasonal Choices


Summer Wedding

Top Choice: Coucou from the Classic Collection
Alternative (Northern Hemisphere): Skylark (coming soon) from the Classic Collection
Alternative (Southern Hemisphere): Cherry Pop from the Foundation Collection
For The Groom: Vetiver (coming soon) from the Foundation Collection

If you are planning a summer wedding, Frater Coucou is the first fragrance you should consider. 


Autumn Wedding

Top Choice: Feu D'Ambre from the Classic Collection
Alternative: Menagerie from the Foundation Collection
For The Groom: Miyama from the Classic Collection

For the second most popular wedding season, we recommend Feu D'Ambre with its warm oriental spices.



Top Choice: Mimosa from the Prestige Collection 
Alternative: Infanta from the Prestige Collection
For The Groom: Palatine from the Classic Collection

What a time to be married! In spring, nature populates the earth with new life. Beautiful flowers begin to emerge from the ground and the air fills with the scent of promise. Mimosa is the perfect choice for a spring wedding ...

For the groom a stately option is Palatine. Its cool and earthy iris reminds us of the season that is now past and fruity peach is a presage of summer.


Winter Wedding

Top Choice: Eram from the Classic Collection
Alternative (Northern Hemisphere): Cherry Pop from the Foundation collection
Alternative (Southern Hemisphere): Palatine from the Classic collection
For The Groom: Bedlam (coming soon) from the Foundation Collection

As the warmth recedes the earth brings forth green grasses, comforting winter vegetables, and woolen blankets and fires. Eram is a fragrance of exquisitely balanced green florals with a superb drydown of Mousse de Saxe (Saxon moss). Leathery notes and a hint of apricots and vanilla, reminiscent of delightfully sweet preserved fruit.

Alternatively, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere you will be celebrating your nuptials during Christmastime. Why not add a little festive fun into things by wearing Cherry Pop and adding holly, ivy, and other winter flora into your bouquet? For the groom a perfect complement to Cherry would be Bedlam from the Foundation collection for its tonka bean note and warm spices.

Winter in the southern hemisphere is less festive but it also typically less icy. Palatine is a beautiful fragrance based on earthy notes of iris combined with an edible peach note. A bridal bouquet built around twisted branches of winter foliage would be the icing on the cake.