Rosewood Oil Replacer

Brazilian Rosewood oil is becoming harder to purchase on the regular market these days due to scarcity. Typically perfumers these days will use synthetic linalool to fill the gap now left. But genuine Brazilian rosewood had qualities that you simply can’t get from linalool on its own. Those qualities come from trace elements of chemicals such as linalool oxide, camphor, caryophellene oxide, etc.

The Formula

This formula for a rosewood oil replacer uses a large dose of natural oils (Rosewood leaf and ho wood) in such quantity as to give a chemical profile similar to oil of the Brazilian rosewood heartwood. A touch of limonene-D enhances the slight fruitiness and a moderate amount of linalool oxide rounds things off with a beautiful natural earth-like quality.

Quantity Ingredient Comments
845 Ho Wood Oil
135 Rosewood Leaf Oil
17 Linalool Oxide Natural
3 D-Limonene Natural