Perfume Formula: Carnival of the Animals

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I am quite a fan of the perfume Dzing! by L’Artisan Perfumer and I recently read that it was to be discontinued (though I am unsure if that is true or not). I also happen to love animalic notes in perfume and classical music so I decided to make a fragrance that was a nod to Dzing! whilst focussing heavily on the animals and named after the famous piece by Berlioz.

NOTE: This is an updated formula which is far more complex and interesting than the original. This version incorporates gourmand notes though unlike most saccharine gourmand fragrances, the food elements of this perfume manage to remain relatively dry and well blended.

This is unisex but probably tends more towards the masculine wearer.

Top Notes

Rosewood, Lavender, Spice Cookies
Cotton Candy, Roasted Nuts, Candy Apples

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Leather, Tobacco
Saffron, Cinnamon, Cloves

Base Notes

Musk, Civet Castoreum
Ambergris, Costus, Sawdust
Guaiac Wood, Hay, Tonka Bean

The Formula

For this formula you will need to acquire some good animalic bases and some quite expensive musks, but you will definitely love the end result which is spicy, earthy, animalic, edible, and comforting. It should paint the picture of an old carnival or steam fair at night with all the scents that go with it.

Quantity Ingredient Comments
270 Galaxolide
190 Iso E Super (IFF)
120 Hedione (Firmenich)
100 Muscenone
45 Dartanol
35 Cedryl Acetate
25 Ethyl Linalool
22 Lillial
20 Dihydromyrcenol
15 Guaiayl Acetate
12 Musk Tonkin 4768-6/D Auram
10 Coumarin Natural
8 Lyral Subst: Hydroxycitronellal or Florol
8 Eugenol Natural
6 Linalool ex Bois de Rose
4 Vanillin ex Clove
3 Ginger Fresh
3 Safraleine
2.5 Cinnamon Bark Ceylon
2 Suederal
2 Maltol Natural
10 Civet Tincture 10%
8 Ambergris WKVY 44903/D 10% Auram
5 Hay Absolute 10%
5 Castoreum Tincture 10%
0.5 Iso Butyl Quinoline Pyralone is best
3 Tonkin Musk 10236-2/D 10% Auram
2 Damascone Alpha 10%
2 AmberXTreme 10%
1 Costus Oil 10%
3 Strawberry Furanone 1%
1.5 Birch Tar Rectified 1%
1.5 Nutty Pyrazine 0.01%
55 Triethyl Citrate Dilutent