Cuir (Leather) Base

This is a very basic leather base that has been modified with the addition of a few interesting trace elements to add naturalness and interest. It was created in order to add a complex leather note to my L’Egoiste derived fragrance as opposed to a simpler leather based on just isobutyl quinoline.

The Formula

Pay attention to the dilutions – they are very small but very significant.

Quantity Ingredient Comments
500 Safraleine
220 Hercolyn D
100 Ebanol This must be fresh
10 Styrax Oil Liquidamber Orientalis
5 Okoumal
5 Castoreum Absolute 50%
5 Pharaone 1%
2 Birch Tar 0.01%
3 M-Cresol 0.001%
150 Dipropylene Glycol