Neroli Oil Replacer Base

Neroli is one of the most expensive essential oils still in use in mainstream perfume. It is often now used in trace amounts but in the past it was used more heavily as perfume was more about luxury and less about mainstream marketing. This is a luxury Neroli oil replacer which really is excellent and will extend your neroli ten times. The formula does include real neroli oil but you will obviously still save enormous amounts of money using this base instead of pure oil.

The Formula

In days gone by, the finest neroli bases were simply built around terpeneless petitgrain with some additions to move it in the direction of the more floral and less-woody neroli oil. Petitgrain terpeneless is not prohibitively expensive (and is certainly vastly cheaper than neroli oil) and it is available from Vigon.

Quantity Ingredient Comments
560 Petitgrain Terpeneless
190 Linalool ex Bois de Rose
100 Neroli Bigarade Can omit but it really is a valuable addition
80 Nerol
60 D-Limonene
9 Indole 10%
1 Aldehyde C-10