French Jasmine Absolute Base

The finest Jasmine in the world is Jasmin de Grasse, or French Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to get hold of because Patou and Chanel still purchase most of the French Jasmine for Chanel No 5 and Joy (and presumably 1,000 which is also still in production).

Many companies produce excellent Jasmine absolute replacers but they are often also very expensive or, worse still, available in bulk purchasing only. Consequently I have put together this formula base, in part, on one of the finest French Jasmine Grandiflorum bases available. It is a base which has been around for a long time and it really is a wonderful replacer for real jasmin oil.

Jasmin de Grasse Replacer Base

Quantity Ingredient Comments
255 Hercolyn D
150 Benzyl Acetate
140 Isophytol
100 Ethyl Linoleate
95 Benzyl Benzoate
28 Linalool
22 Jasmin Absolute
20 Hedione
18 Cis Jasmone
17 Jasmolactone
15 Indole 100%
12 Methyl Anthranilate
12.5 Phytol Acetate
12 Cis-3-Hexenyl Benzoate
12 Eugenol
8 Benzyl Alcohol
7.5 Farnesene
1.7 Phytol
1.5 P Cresol
1.2 Ambrox
0.5 Terpineol Alpha
0.5 Vanillin
0.4 Geraniol
0.4 Methyl Heptenone
0.3 Cis 3 Hexenol
0.15 Valspice
0.1 Guaiene
0.5 Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate
2 Skatole 1%
5 Orange Blossom Absolute 10%
1 Methyl Salicylate
4 Methyl Benzoate
56.65 DEP/IPM/DPG/TEC, etc