Sampaquita by Givaudan

Sampaquita is a modern sophisticated jasmine base made by Givaudan. It is based in part on a headspace analysis of Jasmine Sambac (from the Philippines) but it also includes a pretty huge dose of Hedione High Cis (Methyl dihydrojasmonate). The scent is quite soft as far as jasmine accords go – with the benzyl acetate (main component of jasmine) being relegated to a secondary role.

Givaudan describes the base as: “The delicate fragrances of carnation and ylang together with a slightly green note were artistically grafted onto a rich basic accord of jasmine, tuberose, honeysuckle and rose.”

This base will work in a vintage formula but it is probably more suitable for modern types of fragrance. It is actually a very beautiful base that could probably work alone as a jasmine soliflore with a few base notes added for support and longevity.

The Formula

This is the formula I have come up with to mimic the qualities and odor of Givaudan’s sampaquita. It has the same longevity and power so it should be excellent as a direct replacement if you prefer not to buy the original base or prefer to have a play around with your own. It is a fairly long formula but each part is quite essential.

Quantity Ingredient Comments
250 Hedione High Cis Methyl Dihydrojasmonate – very soft jasmine
200 Benzyl Acetate Potent jasmine scent
150 Linalool Occurs in large amounts in jasmine headspace
50 Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Waxy, oily jasmine
25 Hexyl Salicylate Herbal, green
20 Ethylene Brassylate Mild smelling musk
20 Geranyl Acetate Floral, rosey, waxy
20 Ionone Alpha Violet
15 Phenylethyl Acetate Honey rose
15 Methyl Anthranilate Orange flower – part of tuberose note
30 Indole 50% Fecal – important for natural jasmine
10 Aurantiol Orange blossom Schiff’s Base
10 Methyl Benzoate Part of tuberose note
10 Benzyl Alcohol Traditional jasmine ingredient
10 Dipropylene Glycol Dilutent
10 Jasmine Absolute Naturalness – probably none in Givaudan’s formula
5 Methyl Diantilis Carnation note – clove
5 Phenylethyl Alcohol Sweet dried rose
5 Cis-Jasmone Woody, celery. A little goes a long way
5 Petitgrain I use Robertet Bigaradier Heart
5 Ylang Ylang Support tuberose and jasmine
4 Lyral Could use Hydroxycitronellal
1 Methyl Salicylate Wintergreen – part of Tuberose
1 Para Cresyl Acetate Urinous – gives lift
134 Dipropylene Glycol Dilutent